Mend Solutions a premier organization, founded in 2013 is a growing IT Training and Services Provider determined to set high standards in IT industry. Initially started as IT training institute and over the years our services has been expanded to include Software development and IT consultancy Services. Currently we operate as three strategic business units focusing on IT Training, IT Services and IT Staffing. Our technological expertise, high quality standards, creativity and efficiency are combined in our services to deliver maximum value to our customers. Mend Solutions has strong employees with academia, workplace professionalism, and in-house training and learning. Some of the employee of ITS previously worked on national and International IT Project assignment across the world.

Igrid Technologies maintained heavily in software engineering practices and standards, software quality assurance, software project management, software processes, research and development in software engineering and Technologies and now is also planning a setup in providing IT gap services to IT engineering colleges/institutions. We work with medium large size corporations and new generation Technologies companies to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and Technologies strategies in today's dynamic digital environment. We use a low-risk Delivery Model to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. Mend Solutions, the leading information Technologies consulting, services company founded in 2013. Mend Solutions has worked with clients in the fields of Art, Architecture,Design, Publishing, Creative Web Design, Dynamic Web Site and Technologies. A strong knowledge & resource base and a professionally competent & dedicated workforce from reputed institute have ensured us a satisfied customer base and strengthened our core competency in several key areas. ITS is a website and digital-media design firm committed to a philosophy of clarity and simplicity. We take pride in our direct approach, innovative design ideas and programming expertise. The company was started with focused vision to establish standard Software Company with a minimum 10 employee. more than 99% of ITS customers reward the company’s reliability, passion, creativity, and unique ability to handle the broadest range of their IT needs by continually extending their partnerships with new client. Mend Solutions has offices in the US and India, meaning that no matter where you are, we can bring local knowledge to the table to compliment our technological, marketing, sales, editorial and security expertise. Take a look at our portfolio and see for yourself what we've done for our existing clients, and if you would like to know how we can help your company move up to the next level with a top quality, cutting edge web presence, then talk to us today for a free quote. Website design for less, improved business results for all. That's Mend Solutions!

Mend Solutions is a software sevices and consulting firm partners with clients to assess structure and implement customised cum standard information Technologies solutions, in unprecedented time frames. The Mend Solutions specialises in solving core business and management problems through state of the art technologies and its effective application towards the final acheivment of customised solution. The teams adopt to client's processes and seamlessly extends its capabilities as extended operations. The Mend Solutions umbrella has a large pool of highly skilled professionals with proven global expertise in software development , Business Process Re-engineering , Strategy Planning , Object Oriented Approach , Internet and Database technologies , Business Intelligence and DataWareHousing ,Enterprise Resource Planning , Rapid Application Development and many more. The Innovative Business Model of SRGT Technology ensures that the Efficient Solutions are delievered with Lowest Cost of Ownership.

Web Applications

We have Designed and development more than thousands websites. Web Responsive Design Expertise on latest Website designing techniques including multimedia

Software Development

Touching thousands of lives india and abroad by bringing in innovative technology, distributed and standalone applications designed and development to meet your organization's

Data Management

Keeping in mind the best way to use information, we also create an index to help our customers take best advantage of their digitized information.


Web based and custom Application Development.

Database Analysis and Design.

Database Administration and Tuning.

Business Intelligence Systems.

Infrastructure Services